Why you should #GoSolo at least once during your lifetime

Your bestie is writing a thesis right now, other friends are busy or broke but there’s this special place you always dreamed to visit someday? Why don’t you go solo?


Okay okay I know, the idea of taking that flight to this destination miles away from home on your own can become a little frightening, I get it. What if you lose your passport, get sick, robbed or that cute Airbnb you booked for an unbelievable low price is actually a scam? 


But let's get real here: when did you lose your ID the last time? Do you really think you’ll catch a disease this bad, wreaking you even before you can get back on your return flight? Come on! These sort of questions are just excuses to not leave your comfort zone! 


And there you have it: Traveling solo drags you out of your daily routine. Leaving this small box of comfort can be challenging for sure, but don’t you wanna see what’s outside the box? 


For me, traveling solo has become my favourite way to explore new places and here’s why:


New Friends


Socializing when traveling solo is one of the best things on earth, trust me! Nobody knows you or your past. When you meet new people, they only see the current, awesome version of you that managed it to get to this city alone.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Go on pub crawls. Use Apps like Couchsurfing or even dating apps to find other travelers to explore the new city together. There are always other solo adventurers who are happy to meet you! And who knows, maybe you will find the love of your life along the way? 


You Are The Boss


“I need a break”, “Let's go shopping”, “I need Starbucks right now!”

When traveling with friends or your partner, you probably know the situation: you would like to go to this amazing thing but your friend is tired or whatever. When you’re on your own, YOU can decide what and when to do anything. Want to sleep in till 1 PM after that crazy party last night? Just do it! You can do whatever you want to do! 


New Perspectives


Stepping out of your daily routine can help you to examine your current life situation. Friends, career goals, relationships. Your solo adventure will probably lead to decisions you wouldn’t have made if you would have stayed at home. Returning with this recalibrated mindset will give you strength and helps you to grow as a person. 


You're Damn Awesome!


You see, managing to get to this city you always dreamed to visit someday all by yourself is pretty damn awesome! New Friends, new decisions, memories and self-esteem boosts are just a few perks of exploring the world all by yourself. 


So, how do I do it then?


1. Start small


When you're still unsure about taking that big trip, why dont you start small? Go on a solo weekend trip first and decide afterwards, if you want to take that itercontinetnal flight alone. 


2. no hotels!


I'd recomend you to book a hostel or Airbnb, not a hotel room. A hotel might give you a lot more privacy, but its definetley not the best place to meet locals and other solo travellers. 


3. be open


Once you've started your trip, try to be open to the people around you. Sometimes just a smile leads to a great conversation.  Friends are everywhere. Saying "hello" is not as  hard as you might think! Also, dont plan everything in advance. Be spontanious. 


4. Just do it! 


You could read another ten articles about traveling solo now. But you could also use that time to book a flight ticket! What are you waiting for? Life is to short to only dream of all the plans in your head. Make 'em real!


There is so much to discover and learn. I promise you once you've started to travel solo, you cant stop doing it!

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